Mining our resources to build a company

Pivoting to increase profits.

At some point, most companies experience leadership changes. Whether it’s at the board or executive level, we can help ensure a smooth transition. In this instance, our company had great technology. But their business model was outdated and ineffective. Making things worse, their CEO wasn’t willing to change course. We needed to find a replacement.  … Continued

Negotiating a new deal.

When things go south, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) don’t solve everything. We’ve experienced these scenarios many times, and can find solutions that benefit everyone involved.  In this particular case, our German startup was struggling to raise capital. They’d come a long way, but hadn’t broken through. Not all was bad, though. The company had built … Continued

Finding the root cause of an issue.

When issues arise, investors have two options. One is to sit back and watch things get worse. The other is to step in and help out. We’re in the second camp, which isn’t always fun, but is always effective.  In this example, our portfolio company was struggling to articulate who they were. Their key investment … Continued

Mining our resources to build a company

This was a different kind of challenge. Our employee had a strong idea for a new business. We needed to support him, but balance those efforts with our growing portfolio. Given our operational background and network of investors, we did everything we could to bring his idea to life. To start, we created an Entrepreneur … Continued