Mining our resources to build a company

This was a different kind of challenge. Our employee had a strong idea for a new business. We needed to support him, but balance those efforts with our growing portfolio. Given our operational background and network of investors, we did everything we could to bring his idea to life.

To start, we created an Entrepreneur in Residence role for our employee, giving him the confidence to focus on this new venture. From there, we showed our flexibility by helping him create opportunities to test out ideas. We spent time together brainstorming different partnership opportunities. And gave him access to our entire asset base, which included people, tech, data, tools, and our large investor network.

Months later, Till, Inc. was born, with a mission to help people thrive financially. Till is now a living, breathing financial services platform that helps renters achieve financial stability and improves revenue for landlords. The company provides residents with credit solutions, loyalty programs, financial education, and a suite of financial products. 

As you can see, we’re not your typical laissez faire investors. We’re hands-on, doing what it takes to help build your company. We love solving problems, and have faced more than we can count. Whether it’s one of our employees, or one of our companies, we do everything we can to help.