Leaning in when things get tough.

Being an investor is more than basking in the joy of big wins. Sometimes, we’re more focused on damage control. When we see a problem, we jump on it. Because if things fester, they only get worse. 

With this particular company, we leaned in when others bowed out. We uncovered a problem between the investors and company leadership. Their relationship was deteriorating. And because of that, the company was on the edge of bankruptcy. 

The reconciliation process began. We held individual talks with people on both sides. From there, we identified the critical issues and found common ground. We offered solutions, got both sides to buy in, and helped management move forward. 

Today, the company is en route to a successful exit. Friction still exists, but it’s significantly lessened. And, most importantly, we helped all parties avoid a complete loss.

At Route 66, we pride ourselves on our communication skills. We have no problem settling disputes. We’ll jump right in and do what it takes to alleviate the tension.