Pivoting to increase profits.

At some point, most companies experience leadership changes. Whether it’s at the board or executive level, we can help ensure a smooth transition.

In this instance, our company had great technology. But their business model was outdated and ineffective. Making things worse, their CEO wasn’t willing to change course. We needed to find a replacement. 

After a long search, we found a more qualified CEO from our own rolodex. From there, we identified another company to merge with. And spent countless hours at the whiteboard combing through logistics. 

Ultimately, we structured a new deal and created new incentive structures for the new management team. We repositioned the company from D2C to B2B without wasting what they built. And we relocated the company to be closer to other major investors. 

The hard work paid off. In under a year, the refactored team raised €10 million from a top five global insurer. The company now had the funds to move forward.