Negotiating a new deal.

When things go south, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) don’t solve everything. We’ve experienced these scenarios many times, and can find solutions that benefit everyone involved. 

In this particular case, our German startup was struggling to raise capital. They’d come a long way, but hadn’t broken through. Not all was bad, though. The company had built great technology and accrued valuable data. 

Our team dug in. We picked up the phone and called everyone we could. Using our vast network, we found buyers that made sense. A UK-based company had similar technology and wanted to expand. We negotiated a deal between the two startups and reached an agreement that satisfied both the founders and investors. What appeared to be a complete loss was anything but. 

When you get to a breaking point, we can help. We’re right there with you, ready to tap our network for actionable solutions.