Finding the root cause of an issue.

When issues arise, investors have two options. One is to sit back and watch things get worse. The other is to step in and help out. We’re in the second camp, which isn’t always fun, but is always effective. 

In this example, our portfolio company was struggling to articulate who they were. Their key investment deck was convoluted and confusing. They had great technology, but couldn’t get outside funding to move forward. 

We sent an employee to their London office to evaluate and simplify their investment deck. This wasn’t the cheapest or easiest solution. But it worked. 

Early on, we realized the investment deck wasn’t the only problem. There were communication issues between tech and leadership. Priorities weren’t established. And there was also fighting among engineers.

We hired a creative team to help with the communication materials. And appointed our Senior Tech Advisor (STA) to serve as their interim Chief Technical Officer (CTO). 

This did the trick. The company had a new investor deck that made sense. And our STA fixed the process and refactored the team. We found a new CTO to take over the company and lead them forward. And after three years, the company is operating better than ever.

Sometimes early-stage companies need a hand sourcing employees. If that’s you, don’t worry. We know exactly where to look, and we’ll find talent that gets the job done.